Database Update (31st October 2021)

Thank you to those that have submitted or updated their dog's details this month.

Once again, may we offer our thanks to those that have chosen to share the details of their fitting dogs this month.  For those that are intending to breed a litter or buy a pup, please do all the research you can; not just of the parents but that of the wider pedigree/family too, as some health issues can lay dormant.

Database Update (31st August 2021)

We received one entry to the database in August, but as we needed to clarify some details it will be added to the September update.

Database Update (30th July 2021)

Thank you to those that have submitted, updated or transferred their dog's details this month.

Database Update (30th June 2021)

Database Update (31st May 2021)

Database Update (30th April 2021)

Thank you to those that have submitted details of your dogs to the database, can we please ask that if you have sadly lost your dog, when you are able, you let us know - so that we can update your entry.
Thank you......

Database Update (31st March 2021)


It was brought to our attention after February's update that one of the transferred entries had incorrect details. This entry was a data transfer from the first, original fitting database; information we were legally given but owner information was restricted because of GDPR. The owner of the named dog contacted us and we are investigating the entry further.

With regards to the comment about the accuracy of our data, the BC&WSD FDUK, unlike previous databases, only accepts submissions from owners (and breeders under certain conditions). We openly ask and encourage people to update their entries on the website and if anyone notices something, that they are sure is incorrect, we welcome this information too.
Fitting is a serious condition in border collies and working sheepdogs. Our small team spends hours and hours most weeks, doing our best to collate accurate information.
Any database is only as good as the information provided and we appreciate any and all information shared with us.

Database Update (28th February 2021)

Database Update (31st January 2021)

First update of 2021 and there are four new dogs added.  As ever, we are very grateful to those people that choose to share the details of their fitting dogs.  We know how distressing it can be to re-live events that may have been traumatic but without 'you' there would be no database, so THANK YOU  from BC & WSD FDBUK

Database Update (28th December 2020)

Database Update  (30th November 2020)

Database Update  (31st October 2020)

Database Update  (30th September 2020)

Many thanks to all those people that have submitted or updated the details of their fitting collies.  We often get asked if it is worth adding dogs to the database that are no longer here.  We are grateful for all information given, whether it be  current or historical.  Details of past dogs are important too as they may well be behind the dogs of today.

Database Update  (31st August 2020)

Database Update  (31st July 2020)

Database Update  (29th June 2020)

Database Update  (31st May 2020)

Database Update  (30th April 2020)

Database Update  (31st March 2020)

Database Update & Publicity Information (1st March 2020)

#PassItOn   #WordIsGettingOut   #BCWSDFDUK

Thanks to all of your generous donations to the 'PayPal Pool' we have been able to get some flyers and business cards printed to hand out at shows etc.  If you would like to help us to Pass It On please send a request via the 'contact us' form and we'll post some out to you. 

Or alternatively, you can collect some from us if you see us around.

The Next Chapter......  (13th February 2020)

The BC & WSD Fitting Database UK are excited to share with you our new logo and flyer.  After 8 months of ‘finding our feet’ we thought we needed an identity and it was suggested that we update the flyer to a more reader friendly version.   We also wanted to incorporate the Facebook Groups and Twitter feed.  So, after getting our heads together and many versions later, here they are.

So far, we have funded everything to do with the fitting database ourselves. Having completed the setup administration, we are now in a position to start publicising and would really like to produce some flyers, posters and business cards.  We would appreciate your help with publicity; digital flyers will be available for everyone to share on social media and if anyone can put up posters at their vets or at shows these can be sent out or passed on.

For this reason, we have initiated a ‘PayPal Pool’ to enable us to gain some funds.  It is being run by Suzanne and will be totally transparent as to how and where monies are spent.

If you feel that you could donate, please click on the PayPal button >>>

Database Update (28th January 2020)

A polite reminder that this database is to record dogs that have seizures of any kind. 'Fitting' may not necessarily be due to epilepsy. 
Please, therefore, give as much information as possible about your dog's condition in the 'details' sections of the submission form.

The AHT on ITV Anglia discussing DNA testing for Epilepsy (27th January 2020)





Database Update (29th December 2019)

Database Updated (29th November 2019)

#PassItOn   #WordIsGettingOut   #BCWSDFDUK

Database updated (29th October 2019)

Changes to Submission Criteria (17th October 2019)

Database updated (29th September 2019)

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) Epilepsy Research Information (25th September 2019)

The AHT are conducting research into epilepsy in Border Collies (this may hopefully extend to WSD in the future).  They require DNA samples from dogs diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy of any age and just as importantly, from non-fitting dogs over the age of 8 years old.  Please consider getting some DNA test kits; the more swabs they receive the better.  If you are willing to take part please contact

(Debbie will also be taking kits to the Obedience Shows she attends)

You can find more information on the AHT website - HERE

Sunday 25th August

BC & WSD Fitting Database UK  updated.

Information regarding the 'epilepsy app' from the RVC (23rd July 2019)

The Royal Veterinary College has worked with the Epilepsy Society to produce an app for the owners of dogs with seizures. A dog called Casey (the dog pictured above in our header) was involved from the start. Casey belongs to Frances, one of the admin of the BC & WSD FDUK, and the full story can be found HERE.     More pages related to epilepsy and what living with a fitting dog entails can be found on our links tab.

Another interesting piece of information regarding epilepsy in ISDS Border Collies can be found HERE

DATABASE IS LIVE (21st July 2019)


We took on the huge task of creating a totally new fitting database and website from scratch. It would be fair to say it’s taken over our lives for the past 3 months, lots of hard work from everyone in our small team has gone in to develop what we have come up with. Not only for the database but all the GDPR policies and documents behind the scenes to ensure we have everything covered legally and compliantly.  To say we have been frustrated at times with the technology is an understatement but we now have, what we consider to be, a database to be proud of. It has been a huge learning curve for us all, our brains are frazzled and we're relieved we are now at the stage where we can launch it for you all to see, and on the day we had set which is fantastic.

We have checked and checked the entries and tested and tested the options within the database on different devices and on different operating systems.

We have taken this into consideration and have 3 different options for everyone to view so you can find the one that suits your device.

Everyone should be able to view one of the options:
1/ Excel version
2/ Online version
3/ PDF version

However, we are still expecting some teething issues. So please be kind to us and respect there may be 'difficulties' until you get used to what you’re looking at.  We will deal with any queries that crop up as soon as we can, we all have lives outside of the database so may not be able to respond immediately. There is guidance on the database page, please have a read of this plus 'Frequently Asked Questions' will be developed and put on our website as we collate the queries.

This first launch has 39 entries, all from owners who have taken their time to submit their details direct to us for which we are very grateful. There are many more entries that will be added over the coming weeks. We are aiming to add new submissions and/or update existing entries on a monthly basis. A post will go out on our Facebook group to let you all know when an update is ready to view.

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to Lyn Norton who has recently joined our team and thank her for all the hard work creating the first BC&WSD Fitting Database way back in 2012.

Thank you for all your support and kind words so far, we're excited to say the database is now 'LIVE' and ready for everyone to view 🎉🐾🎉

Announcement (2nd July 2019)

We are delighted to be able to announce that after having received legal advice, we are able to use the data of dogs (not personal details) that were submitted to the original fitting database; which started in 2012.  This database ran prior to the data being passed over to the PBHF in 2015.  The ICO have also confirmed that there are no GDPR compliance issues.

This will save around 140 fitting dogs from having to have their full details resubmitted to us.  However, we would like to ask those owners/breeders that originally submitted details of fitting dogs to use our website submission form to provide any updated information relevant to their dog, especially if the dog has now sadly passed away.  (As this is ‘pre-existing’ data we are willing to accept information from whoever submitted to the original database, as stated on the home page). The form can be found  HERE  

For those owners that submitted their dog’s fitting details direct to the PBHF and who may have received a letter saying that the dog’s data was being transferred to us (Border Collie & Working Sheepdog Fitting Database UK), this is no longer the case and no transfer will be taking place. We would therefore be very grateful if you would complete the full submission form on our website, mentioned above.  This will enable the BC & WSD FDUK to include your dog’s fitting details on our new database.

Please use the ‘contact us’ form on the website if you should need any assistance with a submission.  We will do our very best to help and make it as easy as possible.


With kind regards


Formal Statement Regarding Fitting Database (19th June 2019)

As many of you know the Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation posted a plea on the 3rd April 2019 asking for a willing, computer savvy volunteer to take over the entire Border Collie Fitting Database. This was to include hosting, updating and maintaining the records. A full and clear knowledge of GDPR rules and their application was also requested as was a need to communicate sympathetically with owners on the sensitive and often distressing subject of fitting dogs. They requested that a formal proposal was sent via email, to reach them before the 5th of May.

We (Suzanne Taylor and Debbie Back) formally proposed to take over the upkeep of the entire fitting database from the pbhf. We complied with all of the requests made and with the help of a few others were excited at the prospect of the entire database being transferred to the newly formed Border Collie & Working Sheepdog Fitting Database UK.

· Debbie designed the website,  and organised the domain, custom emails and submission forms

· Suzanne worked as a Data Officer, so was familiar with the DPA rules and application. She has been in constant contact with the ICO to ensure our privacy notice complies with the GDPR 2018.

· Margaret Roberts very kindly donated the funds for the website upkeep/domain etc for the first two years

· Frances Wright joined the group and brings with her a vast expertise and knowledge of epilepsy and has a wealth of information that she shares with owners of fitting dogs. (For those that don’t know, Frances was instrumental in getting Rowena Packer and the RVC to attend health seminars and has also worked with the RVC on their research projects. Frances’ dog Casey was the poster dog for the launch of their epilepsy app and is also the dog in our website header)

Sadly, on the 18th of June, we were notified by the chair that the committee of the pbhf were withdrawing from negotiations and that no data would be transferred.

To this end, may we ask that if you are one of the 199 people that had dogs previously added to the pbhf database or if you had submitted the often painful details to the pbhf but had not had your submission uploaded, that you go to our submission page and kindly resubmit to us.

We will also now be taking new submissions from owners of fitting collies.

We can reassure you that the BC & WSD FDUK is definitely still going ahead and all dog's details will be uploaded without bias, with regular updates being posted.  We should have our first update within the next four weeks

Many thanks,

Debz, Suzanne, Margaret and Frances