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Any information given will be used solely for the betterment of the breed (BC & WSD).  No personal information will be sold, shared or given to a third party nor will it be available to view on the website. You will be able to request that yours and the dog's information be updated, amended or deleted at any time. Your personal information will be stored securely to enable us to contact you in accordance with our GDPR policies.
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We update monthly depending on the amount of submissions received. If your details are with us before the 21st of the month we will endeavour to have them published on the next available update. If you notice that it hasn't been uploaded please contact us to make sure that we received it. Once your entry is uploaded, please check that all details are correct and let us know of any changes to your dog's details or your contact details as they occur.

Th BC & WSD Fitting Database has been set up to provide open access to information of fitting dogs to owners, potential owners & breeders in the hope that the health of the breed can be improved and to help current and future research into this distressing condition. We all live in the hope that research will find a test, or a predictor may be found at some point to prevent or reduce frequency of this condition.

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