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The aim of the Border Collie & Working Sheepdog Fitting Database UK is to ensure that all submissions received are uploaded impartially and without bias - it is a stand-alone facility that is not affiliated in any way to other organisations or groups.  The Border Collie & Working Sheepdog Fitting Database UK will accept submissions from owners or breeders* worldwide and actively encourages those with fitting dogs not already on our database (especially in the UK), to complete one of our user friendly submission forms. 

This database provides open access to information of fitting dogs to owners, potential owners & breeders in the hope that the health of the breed can be improved and to help current and future research into this distressing condition. Inclusion in this database does not mean a dog has a genetic form of epilepsy, nor does the appearance of dogs in the pedigree indicate a fitting/epilepsy risk.  This database is public and all information is given freely by the owners or breeders of fitting dogs - for which they have our sincere thanks.

Seizures are something no owner nor breeder wants to happen to their dog, sadly fitting/epilepsy is present in Border Collies & Working Sheepdogs and there is currently no test for it. Seizures can occur for many reasons hence this site is called the Fitting database.  Owning an affected dog is extremely distressing and support for owners is vital, we all live in the hope that research will find a test or a predictor may be found at some point to prevent or reduce frequency of this condition.

Submissions will only be accepted from owners or breeders* of affected Border Collies, Working Sheepdogs and their crosses, so long as the information given meets the required GDPR criteria. Submissions from third parties will be declined (unless such data has pre-existed on an alternative database. ‘Pre-existing’ data will be acknowledged as such on the website). No personal details will be published and any owner can request that their dog's details be updated, amended or deleted from the database at any time. Contact details of the owner/breeder* will be held by the Border Collie & Working Sheepdog Fitting Database UK in case there are any queries; these details can be amended at any time, will not be shared with or sold to any third party and will only be used as set out in our GDPR policy.  All submissions will be held securely on an external hard-drive.

Information provided is given in good faith and should be viewed in the same manner.  We encourage all owners of affected dogs, whether or not they have chosen to share their details here, to inform the breeder of that dog IF they feel able to do so.

There are many websites and Facebook groups containing information on this complex condition, a selection of which can be found on our ‘Links’ page.

(*for the purpose of this website the 'breeder' can be the owner of the sire and/or dam of the fitting dog/litter.  They will need to have written permission from the owner to name the dog.) 

Details from this database must NOT be copied or shared to any other public database.  This would be in breach of the GDPR 2018.

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